What are your web needs?

Do you need a website creation service? Or do you need to redesign your company’s website that is getting old? Are you looking for someone to help you implement a new digital strategy? Or to create a mobile application to expand your target audience and reach mobile users? Our communication webdesign agency will accompany you in all your web projects from technical website design to graphic design, marketing strategy and SEO strategy. The website SIMPLY CBD OILS  is a good example of our creations.

Web development

Expertise in graphic design and ergonomic design of custom websites (showcase website, e-shop…).

Graphic design & webdesign

Logo creation, graphic design, graphic charter, graphic elements and visual identity for any type of website.

Natural referencing

Web referencing, especially SEO, is essential to improve the traffic of your company’s website.

A team of experts will help you

Experts will guide you in the creation and integration of web solutions.

A team of experts will help you


Web consulting & support

A web agency provides you with the most valuable advice for your Internet strategy. It accompanies you and guides you towards the most trendy web technologies, well mastered in Shiatsu Santé.



Web & communication strategy

Implementation of an effective web strategy whether it is a content strategy, a social media strategy or an SEO strategy for sales development.

Your tailor-made websites

Whether it is for a showcase website, a blog, an e-commerce website, an e-shop or a merchant website, the creation of tailor-made websites adapts to your most technical needs. A tailor-made website, like ecig e-liquid for instance, will improve the performance of your business and your presence on the web and will attract new customers.

Customization allows you to obtain a website that is original and unique in terms of functionality and design and to build products or services to automate certain actions. A training could also be dedicated to you so that you can benefit from a great autonomy when manipulating your different web interfaces.

Website & SEO audit

The realization of a complete website audit is in line with best practices and the sustainability of your business. It is a complete and detailed analysis allowing you to understand the behavior of your visitors and to optimize your pages in order to be efficient and to have the maximum of quality traffic for your website.

An SEO audit is a diagnosis of a website with the objective of identifying the aspects that block SEO performance and the definition of actions to be taken into account. The SEO audit of a website allows to make corrections and improvements in order to gain position on search engines. An SEO audit will allow you to have a complete analysis of your website.

Graphic design & brand image

Your brand image is the first point of contact with your consumers.

Graphic design & brand image
Création de logo


Logo creation

Develop your brand with a logo design that describes your activity and circulates your values through different media.

Charte graphique


Graphic charter

A graphic charter is the DNA of your visual identity, listing all the graphic elements of your web interfaces.


Visual Identity

The elements that make up the visual identity are graphic elements such as the logotype, acronym, fonts and colours.

Implementing a thoughtful and effective web marketing strategy

To increase your visibility and enhance your business performance, you need to deploy an effective and thoughtful web marketing strategy. This means exploiting relevant visibility levers such as SEA, SEO, Social Ads, etc...

A content marketing strategy is essential for your company

Community management to animate and federate your communities



To increase your chances of appearing in Google’s first results, you need to implement an effective SEO strategy. Google is undoubtedly your shock ally to promote your business and to soar in your business, except that it requires upstream work and the respect of several management rules.